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I read several articles that say who receive the 20-30 or 100-150 visitors to your site per day. My question is how do you know that? Please help help me would also like to know the traffic of my site. Don’t forget that you want “Free” ALTERNATIVES … know replied that hae nothing to do with money.

Has a number of free services (which also offer a paid version with more opportunities of reporting), for example: (what is that-even in the freeware version-also allows interesting statistics, although currently, I use mainly another me).

I studied Marketing on the Internet for a year, and there seemed to never not there. Just do not know how to be anything and everything to work. To hear you write a review and a Articals on his Blog and write Articals and dispatches and makes your Blog and challenges, but how can you be as I know that you are suppose to have the same Articals on your Blog and challenges directories, but I’ve heard people want ot read again and still the same.

Internet marketing is a process of complication, but the main objective is to point viewers to their website, products and services. Every article, articles and comments of other directories, even write reviews must be original works, which means that they must not countable. You can get black listed by search engines if you do! As it’s supposed to work, it is an article, change it. ? Change a few sentences, paragraphs and change the format of what looks like an original piece. After some changes, secure entry for at least two or three links back the link to your home page in the body of the article or in your Inbox ‘ Biography. This is extremely important, because it is how to create traffic for your website, services and goods through article. It’s just a part of what is called “Article Marketing.” good luck marketing! ¡! Interesting question! Common attributes for me are catching and mechanisms of attraction. In other words, attracting readers and then create calls to action responses and subscriptions. Attract readers is a challenge: online participation must be fully geared towards your target audience. Just launch using a company called They are all about marketing on the internet and I think they are redefining the shape.

Recently I made a website about patent services. but I can not find my website to google. I heard this from my Web site need backlinks. Where can I get backlinks? There are other ways to get my website to google? Here’s a link to my website which will have to do a lot of twist for google indexing. Header tags, keyword, and so should be done backwards. There is much to do and can be a great success, but his place. Check out this article which will in no way points in the right direction.

Title says it all, but how do I get more traffic on my site because I want more youtube subscribers/vista/comments/General popularity in my video, but just that it seems that there are any fails miserably. ? (Sorry for the rush-ins) Furthermore, no advertising or anything, but what hurt here. Recently started a new website Want to know how many just take to ensure that Google recognizes links on my site. I’m currently generate backlinks for posting in various forums, comments and blog directory. It’s only been a week now, but it’s always 0 backlinks to my website according to Google.

Yahoo is relatively faster than Google in recognition of backlinks. Does anyone have any idea how much should Google recognize links on my website?

If your backlinks come from good quality sites (according to Google) Google lists only best quality and very minor links are slow to appear that saw Google search links on my website within 4 days. Normally, it takes about 1-2 weeks to get the effect of its backlinks. However, if you can get the backlinks of high traffic pages or sites, Google usually often visit these sites very often.

Google listed all the backlinks of your website, but not Yahoo. Why you think that Yahoo is faster. But I think Google is faster than Yahoo indexing websites, this is why I went. If the links are displayed in Yahoo, Google knows of course on their subject, but can’t list them. Use social bookmarking sites are all high quality according to Google sites. Even when mark the website with … & amp; lt;! -at the end-& amp; gt;

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