John Thornhill’s Digital Mentorship Monthly.

From The Home Office of John Thornhill Active, real life eBay PowerSeller, Internet Marketer and Best Selling eBook Author Dear future business partner. If you are already a valued subscriber to my newsletter you know I do my best to provide you with top quality content, tips and advice. Since 2004 I have been revealing all the methods I have used myself to become successful online. And I know many of my members have used this information to go on to make regular monthly incomes for themselves. Naturally I will continue to provide my regular free service because I do get immense satisfaction from the feedback I get from those it helps, and I’ve built some great friendships and partnerships with a lot of people because of it. But now I need to ask you a serious question..

It’s not buying the latest must have massively promoted item and thinking it will solve all your problems and do everything for you, It’s not buying into the hype that surrounds so many new launches. Sure, some of them contain some great info to aid you along if you put it into action, But here’s the real answer, The True Key – One of the fastest ways to become successful is to follow ‘closely’ someone else who is already successful and do as they do. Find someone who is already where you want to be and model them. Do as they do and use the same tools, systems and strategies they do. And ‘catapult yourself to the next level’, racing ahead of where you could have been. Well I am that key. I will take you by the hand and lead you right down the path to success. And, when I say success… I am talking about being an online marketer that earns hundreds per day and thousands each and every month consistently! Many have and will continue to do just that by continuing to benefit from my free planetsms newsletter, and as I’ve said – that will continue. But – (To coin a song phrase…..) Baby You Just Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet! “Here’s How You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It!” Announcing …..

I’m thrilled and excited to offer a new service to that will help you to arrive at where you want to be…. Here’s what you’ll gain from joining Planetsms Digital Mentorship Monthly:

This will be packed full of money making info. Each month I will reveal methods I actually use myself to make a full time online income. You may be shocked to hear a lot has nothing to do with eBay. All will be revealed. Real Value $47.00+

Each month I will provide you with training material in the form of audio/video to walk you through some of the most revealing and profit pulling techniques. Real Value $47.00+

You’ll be receiving, at no extra cost, the tools and private label/ brandable material that can instantly start making you money, and acquire the success you’ve been wishing for. Real Value $17.00 – $97.00

This will be packed full of money making info. Each month I will reveal methods I actually use myself to make a full time online income. You may be shocked to hear a lot has nothing to do with eBay. All will be revealed. Real Value, Priceless..

I Will Promote Your Product(s) To My Subscribers. By following my advice and mentoring, you will soon have quality products of your own. I will have no problems helping you with sales by promoting appropriate products to my subscribers. Real Value, You Decide?

Each month you will be able to join in our Q&A session, where I will answer any question you want to put to me. Real Value, Priceless..

I want to provide the best service possible. Do you need help listing on eBay? Help creating sales pages? Help creating your own products? Help with building a list? Tell me what you want and I will deliver. GUARANTEED!

John Thornhill is my personal “go to” expert on all issues regarding eBooks on eBay and he’s an incredibly knowledgeable and creative expert on all things “eBay”. He’s getting amazing results and the chance to get his personal attention is worth far more than he’s asking. Take him up on this offer before he comes to his senses and quadruples the price! Jim Cockrum Author of the free newsletter: “Creative eBay Selling” Read by 100,000 eBay entrepreneurs

Hi John, First of all it’s so refreshing to see someone proudly display their eBay ID instead of hiding behind a cloak of secrecy. I have known you for a couple years now and you are without a doubt the real deal. I can wholeheartedly get behind your new PlanetSMS Mentorship Monthly newsletter. I especially like the personal access to you. Plus for the price it’s a no brainer to join…

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