Just Out $ Make Money With Cell Phones And Mobile Marketing!

Because there are more mobile phones on the planet than automobiles, credit cards, land lines, equipment or TV Sets … WATCH THE VIDEO!

When Eric Schmidt, Google, Director Ejecutivo, says the world at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February 2010) that “the phone is rather a response to everything was suddenly clear which road to take. Earning money is changing cell phones and mobile marketing. Also stated that “something that Google creates on it will be first on mobile platform and then worked in the Office.”

But what Google, which has 70% of searches in the world, as enthusiastic traffic on mobile? The answer is three-fold: there are three times more mobile phones in use that have teams and people generally keep their cell phones within three feet of them twenty-four hours a day!

So, forget traditional internet marketing and learn how to make money with cell phones, to reach your customers in a completely new and more direct. Hurry, get on Board now and learn how to make money with cell phones and Mobile Marketing!

The mere idea of this new Mobile Marketing industry is very exciting, with its surprising number of mobile users, exceeding three doubling in the number of PC users and, surprisingly, I could not find another program that will provide specific information on places where to find hundreds of offers and products that can be purchased and sent through a mobile phone.

There is a very limited screen space for everything you want to say in the first seconds of the tree, when he said that the viewer’s attention. Constantly scrolling on a cell phone to send your idea will kill the first three seconds of attention.

There are three important elements when it is choosing good products to promote or offer on mobile phones.

Number one: “the target page. Just as in traditional internet marketing for computers on which you have the first three seconds the viewer’s attention to capture their interest is to go away. The same rule applies to the sale of the phone. Make sure to find offers that are designed to fit right in the screen of a mobile phone and are able to send the message without the user having to scroll from top to bottom and much less sideways. Same internet scrolling of traditional marketing is not very good.

Number two: “payment method”. You want to make it as easy as possible for the user to pay for their products. In this program, you will find many products where the user authorizes charges to apply directly to your cell phone company. You also don’t get out your credit card or PayPal account right from the start, all you need to do is accept the position. What payment very quick and accessible to the user transaction.

And number three: “the method of delivery of the product.” You want to promote products that work in a wireless environment. You do not want to promote a product that is designed for reading on the screen of a whole team, not! You want to promote products that cell phone users can begin to use immediately in your mobile phone!

In this program, learn where to find hundreds of mobile optimized offers ready to promote on cell phones equipped with these three important elements!

Now, they are probably familiar with the advertisements that appear on the pages of the web site of all time, with a dozen other ads on the same page. Now well used in mobile phone?

Or better yet, why join mobile marketing movement yourself, learn how to make money with phones now while this mobile marketing industry is still in its infancy.

And just a quick comment here, unlike a standard equipment Web page shows dozens of banners on the same impression on mobile Web pages because there is a space is only limited screen space for a banner of the time are so confident that all eyes just on your ad.

And because the cell phone marketing is still in its infancy, very few people really know the power to promote on cell phones, how to make money with cell phones or even how to optimize their existing equipment standard for Web pages to the screen of the phone.

Remember when the dot com boom started only in the late 1990s? He was 1995 to be exact when Yahoo was created. Or better yet, 1998 when Google was founded and revolutionized the pay-per-click marketplace. Remember, all attention has a piece of recently available … & amp; lt;! -at the end-& amp; gt;

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