My SEO PowerSuite Review

My SEO PowerSuite Review


I wanted to let you know about this amazing software I use to make my SEO work a lot easier.  If you know me you know I rank and I rank well, I know what I am doing and I manage to keep my websites on the top 10 pretty much on the spot.  But it helps to have a good tool to keep up with the competition, specially when I am doing all the work alone and I am competing with teams of 20, 30 or 40 people for the same spots. If your interested in improving your ranking via SEO and natural positioning you might like to know about some of the tools I use which can help you reverse engineer your top ranking competitors and get your likes on the same pages as them. Match and exceed their backlinks and it wont be too long before they start chasing you for that top spot.

Download SEO PowerSuite at

With this software you get a complete set of four tools in SEO PowerSuite series and they are: Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant


This tool gives you a huge list of sites where you competitors backlinks sit, the domains Page Ranking score, the URL’s Page Ranking Score, the strength of having a link on that page (which is determined on the PR of the page and the number of outbound links). Within 5 minutes after SEO SpyGlass has gone to work you could have a handful of very powerful backlinks for your site.

If you are looking to find more backlinks to exceed you competitor you just let SEO SpyGlass go to work with your keyword instead of your competitors url. It pulls all the same info and may even pull an even bigger number of high quality backlinks for you.

If your short on time like I am, you could pull all this info and hirer a virtual assistant to get all the backlinks for you. Just give them a small list of keywords and your site you are looking to rank for and they can use those as your backlinks to your site.

Another tool they have over at is LinkAssistant. This is pretty similar to SEO SpyGlass in the fact it gets you backlinks, but LinkAssistant is a little different. LinkAssistant will go out and find related sites for your links, but here you are going to be emailing the owner of the other site if you can put a link on their site. This is where LinkAssistant is a little different, you can manage your emails to you potential link partners within the tool itself. And it has some pre set emails so you don’t even have to write them. The plus point is that you can automate each email to be personalized to each site without have to do any extra work. Another pretty cool tool if your in the SEO game.

Their Rank Tracker tool is what it says it is, it will track your sites rankings for your keywords you are working on. Although this tool want directly influence your SEO, having some sort of ranking tool is needed to keep an eye on your work and see which keywords need more work and which one don’t.

If you have some SEO clients Their Rank Tracker tool can run you off a very professional look report which you can print out and take with you to present to your clients. If you set you reports on within Rank Tracker with your company name and logo this could push them over the edge to get them to sign that SEO contract with you.

If you download the full suite of software you will see that has a forth tool called Website Auditor. This tool again looks at your competitors sites on page factors. This tool is different to the others as it solo works on your competitors site and not who is linking to them. Although they do say that most of the SEO game is done with backlinks, having your site looking clean to the search engines can give you a big jump in ranking too. This could make the difference a few spots in the search engines which could pull in an extra horde of traffic.

I gave this tool a try and out of the 4 it is one of the more difficult ones to use. Not difficult to use the tool itself but difficult to make changes to your website to get the best score to get at close to you competitors. Website Auditor looks at you competitors site and looks at the vital SEO on page factors and lets you know what they are doing. All you have to do is make the changes to your site and try to match their score with in the tool, without copying their site exactly.

If you are in the SEO game you know how difficult it can be. So before you start submitting tons of content, which will most likely have been spun, maybe have a look at your top competitors first and see what they have done first. You might only need a hand full of their high quality links to rank. As I am going off Market Samurai  I am moving over to SEO SpyGlass to spy on my competitors to see where they are getting their backlinks from. LinkAssistant will be another tool I will be using more. Both these tools I will be running of the reports and handing them over to my outsourcers to get the backlinks for me. Rank Tracker, again as Market Samurai now only checks your rankings once a week which they update on their cloud, I want more control so again I will be moving all my sites to Rank Tracker.

Advantages that you get from the SEO PowerSuite that you don’t get from other SEO Software

1. Ability to White label reports and format them in a Professional look for SEO Clients and Internet marketing clients.

With this tool making white label reports is a blast, you do not have to spend hours on end making the reports for your customers.

2. Ability to export and categorized backlinks of competitors.

You can analyze several competitor websites for any niche and find out how many backlinks they have. You can categorize them with ease and pick the most important backlinks and “Swipe” and copy them for your own link building campaigns.

3. Ability to do link building outreach.

The idea is build backlinks that are panda and penguin proof. Forget about the old ways, with this tool you can do it fast and easy (and save yourself some very valuable time in the process).There are 4 Modules in this Easy to Install, SEO Software:


link assistant
Link assistant tool at work

Rank Tracker Module:

It allows you to monitor monthly, weekly, and even daily rank tracking.

That’s not all. What I really needed was the Keyword Rankings and Visibility Reports that I would provide to SEO and Internet Marketing Clients.

With this tool you can track hundreds or thousands of keywords, it is very simple to use.

You can also track unlimited number of websites and clients that you own.

The Rank Tracker Module is a Set and Forget Module, you just let the software do it’s work in the background.

I can also connect Google Analytics to my Rank Tracker Module so that I can verify which keywords are driving traffic to my site.

Again, as with the Link Assistant you can make reports for your SEO customers and show them the results, it is really good to have a before and after “picture” of how they were prior to your work and how they are progressing with what you do for them.

Rank Tracker Tool
Rank Tracker Tool

SEO Spyglass Module:

The SEO Spyglass module allows you to analyze your competitors backlinks.

Let me put it like this: Google runs with the motto of “Tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are”.

The Theory is that higher quality sites are linking to your site the better Google looks upon your site.  This really makes your rank soar.


SEO Spyglass Tool
SEO Spyglass Tool

Website Auditor Module:

You can use this module to discover if it’s because you’re pages are not optimized and you have a lot of errors inside your website.

For the beginner, a lot of the data like meta tags, 200 response, 301 redirects might not make a lot of sense, but website auditor has a “cool” summary feature were you can easily comprehend what each stats mean.


Website Auditor Tool
Website Auditor Tool

Powersuite helps you track my rankings, spy on your competitors and boost your website’s rankings

White labeling means putting your name, brand and logo in your reports.

This will give your business a professional look and feel when you send reports to clients.


So in short, if you want to be a master SEO consultant, and have “free” traffic by being well positioned, then this tool is a must for you.


Download SEO PowerSuite at

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