Site Submit Plus Search Engine Submission

– One full year of monthly Search Engine, and directory Submissions (We Do all the work, as you concentrate on other site promotion methods

While we work on your site, submission monthly (Search Engine Ranking does not happen over night) we will provide you with the following:

– A Members Area gaining you access to tons of SEO Tools and Free Full Length Motivational E-books and many Internet Marketing Reports

– A Three Month Video Internet Marketing Course, by email, on all aspects of Internet Marketing, introducing the top Internet Marketing strategies to help promote you business. These courses have written instructions and include an up to one hour in Video Training for each segment of the Course.

– A Support Ticket System for Members Only. Have questions on the promotion of your site? Have access to top SEO staff at Site Submit Plus for the full year we are promoting your site

The most important thing to remember, the Quality SEO Advancement (meaning your site is on page one of the Search Engines for selected keywords and remains there) does not happen over night. If you are told that a company can get you top rankings in the Search Engines in a week, and that you site will stay there, you are being lied to.

This Company and it’s Owner is the sole source for SEO for our company, and have managed to get us listed in the first page, and even #1 position on Google for many of the key words we are targeting in our very competitive industry. I highly recommend Site Submit Plus and trust their SEO capabilities. Brad Muldowan 1877-GOGO-GEEK

I have been using SiteSubmitPlus for over 8 months now on several of my Websites. The results have been incredible and I have been very satisfied. A service like this is very important and necessary for any internet marketer. Search Engine Submission and Link Popularity are the two most important things your Web Site can have.

Site Submit Plus is a great company. We started using them last year, and in about a month, we started noticing our site moving up the search engine ranks for competitive keywords in our industry. Well, this never stopped, it just got better and getter, and just a few months later we were ranking near or at the top for many keywords, driving traffic and sales to our web site like we never saw before. Great job Site Submit Plus John Aspenal NW Seat Covers

After using “SiteSubmit Plus” for over 6 months- All I can say is Wow ! I have wasted $1000’s on S.E. Optimizers and Submission services in the past, with little or no results. Site Submit Plus puts them all to shame!- Totally different than anything I have ever used- Our results have been awesome. We first started using SiteSubmitPlus on a difficult to rank: “Lead-Capture-Page” . The result after just a few weeks? Valid, tested, Natural Generic SE Listings & hundreds of sign-up’s with no additional effort on my part. This little gem acts like a Custom Hot Rod, producing effortless traffic + sales, month after month! Do Not let the low cost of SS+ fool you- This Screamin little Service is a Ferrari with a VW price-tag! Christian Solo, SF, CA Screamin LLC

SiteSubmitPlus is a great service. Not only do I get signups for my Simple Profit Setup programs but I can also help my downline with getting leads and hits to their “earnincome” websites. Tom Haley, North Carolina

I have used other SEO services and none compare to the customer service of Site Submit Plus. I have been using this service for 5 months and I am seeing results! Terry Rottmann On.Canada

The “PLUS” is the most important part. Getting your site listed in the Search Engines is a work in progress. Submitting the site, is only one part of the procedure. Our main gols it to help you acheive the high search engine ranking positioning you have been looking for.

What we do is analyze your site and find keyword phrases that are searched several thousand time a month, that do not have a lot of competition for optimized sites. Then, we begin monthly, submitting to Search Engines and Link Directories (nearly 500,000 of them) with these keyword phrases that are optimized for your site.

For example, people coming to this site are searching online with some of the following key word phrases:

These are Key Word phrases, that have lots of searches, yet little competition, so we rank quickly with these Key Word Phrases in the Search Engines. This procedure of analyzing your site to come up with proper Key Word phrases to Submit is how we became the Top Search Engine Submission Company Then, most importantly is consistency. We will submit your site manually to the major search…

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