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Office of: Stephen Lau subject: dear friend automatic vision of mutual aid: Hello! Welcome to this page! There are four reasons why I’m here: maybe I’m interested in natural autorreparación. Maybe you have been to my website: self-help resolution automatic problems and that is because they have landed on this page.

Maybe you have problems with your eyes, such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration or some age-related diseases and who would like information on how to treat them naturally.

Maybe you’re just tired of glasses or contact lenses and wants to improve his vision or even want to throw good!

Perhaps they have heard of Dr. William Bates (1860-1931) and his revolutionary natural vision improvement method and wondering if the method known Bates is only pseudo medicine or a miracle of vision improvement.

But, for whatever reason or reasons, I have come to the right place. And you have the right attitude!

I can’t blame you: after all, the vision is one of the best assets in life! To protect this valuable, must act, and there are a number of factors that should also be taken into account when you go on the improvement of vision: vision of healing, and not follow the expert, there is only one expert: Dr. William Bates, the founder of natural vision improvement! For more than a century, all natural vision improvement books, programs and products available in the market any innovative ideas and theories and, of course, with a few additions, adaptations and variations. Therefore, if you would like to go for natural vision improvement, there is a simple way to go: the Bates method! What is the Bates method? The Bates method is the easiest and most natural to improve vision and protecting the eye. Here is a simple explanation of the Bates method for the uninitiated: the eye constantly changing shape due to conditions of the eye and the environment around the eye are in constant evolution.

When the eye changes its shape, it also changes the shape of your lens and a distorted lens represents the error of refraction (myopia and vision) in the long term.

Good vision is based on efficiency and eye adaptation and Yes to adapt to these changes is effectively constant.

Wear glasses or lenses to deterioration of vision, since it lacks its natural accommodation of the eye, which is the ability to adapt to constant changes. To illustrate, remove is of course the sunglasses when you go indoors; He wears corrective glasses is like “force” for their sunglasses, even when you go inside, and the light is Dim-so strain your eyes unknowingly, and remains the refractive error.

To correct the vision, remove glasses or lenses, is essential because wearing more vision damage.

Apparent catch-22 situation: wear glasses or contacts, is bad for the eye, but it is not a private person to a clear vision. The crucial question is what to do: take or not to do?

Dr. Bates solution: accept temporarily blurred, and you will see better when improves his vision. But this time, don’t strain your eyes to see more clearly! We see clearly once your eyes have improved and not before!

The Bates method is simple: relax your eyes to prevent editing eye its form and thus contribute to the creation of more adapt to constant changes.

Many doctors may not know the correct vision of revolutionary tribunals procedure and improve the view. Although in this case, the optical industry 1 billion dollars to frown at this improvement of the natural eye, which is against their better judgment. As a result, ophthalmologists and doctors continue to prescribe glasses and contacts who do nothing, but to ensure over time the eye muscles get lower, not more, and that would follow may depend on new prescription eyewear purchase one after another for the rest of his life. Sounds familiar? There is how many pairs of prescription lenses used so far? This is your recipe for a vision of greater or lesser? We already know the answers. Dr. Bates has made a good point when he said: “why, if the glasses are correct, the stream must be strengthened because your eyes, under his influence, weakened?” “Logically, if a drug is good, the weakened must measure as the patient grows stronger.” So, for the same reason, if the glasses are good for you, because it would still need prescription eye stronger? Think About It! If you want to correct an instant viewing, go to glasses or contacts or even surgery, more power to you! But …. If you want the natural vision care, empowering knowledge and information on resolving problems of vision! However, the information is good only when it is useful, easy … & amp; lt;! -at the end-& amp; gt;

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