Affiliate Marketing Revised

OK, forget everything you know about affiliate marketing. The simple truth is that the old rules no longer apply. You need to adapt and change or perish.

The big lie

You’ve probably heard how easy it is to start an affiliate business. This is partially true. There’s no doubt it’s easier than starting your own business. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

The cold hard truth

The worst part is that the information you’ve received is all wrong. You’re told to pick one of more products to promote. Next to pick your keywords carefully. Then to use these keywords to buy ads promoting the product. And sit back and collect the profits. But this just won’t work!

Forget keywords

There was a time when this worked. But keywords are too expensive now. It’s time for a paradigm shift.

A brand new formula

All is not lost. Here’s a new method that works!

  • Get into CPA marketing
  • Do demographics research
  • Market on display networks

Do CPA marketing instead of product promotion

CPA means Cost Per Action. It’s so much easier than promoting products. Because it doesn’t involve payment. You earn a commission for having them perform an “action”. Such as filling in a form. Which is much easier than getting them to buy something.

Utilize demographics data

You’re not even going to use keywords (explained below.) So spend your time doing demographics research. First, select the CPA offer you want to promote. Next, you go to And research what kinds of people will be interested.

Market on display networks

So you know what your promoting and you know who will be interested. You can advertise directly to them on display networks. Using image ads. And there was no keyword research required. Plus you’re going to save a ton of money. Display networks charge a fraction for image ad clicks vs. keyword ads.

Summing it up

This is truly a quick cash concept. Because getting started in CPA is free. You can buy image ad clicks for a fraction of keyword ad clicks. You can laser target with demographics. And your commission is much easier to earn.

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