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I’ve done all the research for you over the last few years and tested most of the techniques in this NEW ebook to see what works.

So when looking for a new marketing strategy, just turn to this ebook as your handy reference manual.

I think your book is great. It’s like a checklist, takes you step by step on building a business. Answers the question, “What do I do next?” or, “What have I forgotten, or don’t know?” I sure could have used it when I first started, it would have saved me so much time. Martha Stevens I have just finished using your marvelous ebook, and am amazed how much it has helped me to create a web presence, to have the pleasure of “seeing my name up in lights” at every search engine I encounter, and to fully realize my potential. Applying your principles has turned a trickle of viewers (10/12 per day) into a current 97 per day, and rising every day. I heartily suggest you follow my example and try out his formula, but only if you are prepared to work hard at something, and have a little patience. Malcolm Pugh (England)

How to develop your marketing plan Without a plan, how will you know which direction to go in your marketing approach? Where to place your money? With so many “gurus” on the Internet you can easily lose your focus and get derailed on your way to wealth, unless you have a business plan to…

Internet Users Handbook & Isa Group Membership

Over 30 years as a Business and Financial Consultant, Business Advisor and Mentor to hundreds of Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Managing Directors including all aspects from Starting or Growing their Businesses

The INTERNET USERS HANDBOOK is considered a MUST HAVE REFERENCE and AUTHORIATIVE GUIDE for Newbies, Offline Business Risk Managers, and even Seasoned Professionals Starting or Growing a Successful Online Business

We appreciate and thank them for helping us to spread the word about Internet Scams, and How to Avoid Them while doing business online. Support them and their links. Thank you for joining us

Best Manual Ive read for Internet Scams Online..Cant Put it down! If you even turn on a computer you need to read this first! I started reading Dr Don’s manual on Internet Scams online and then decided to print it! I couldnt put it down! I thought I was well informed and clued up on my online scams but after reading half way through I was learning I had holes in my scam knowledge! I only had half the story. The manual is easy to follow and will surprise you. Dr Don has gone even further with just identifying the scams online and how to avoid them, he has also given you a detailed success blueprint for identifying how different online businesses works and how by understanding these you will be able to be more selective in the sites you choose to join avoiding the more dubious and questionable ones. You will discover how to also choose which business…

The Marketing Manual

Hi, my name is Dianne Perrett, and I’ve been a marketing consultant and strategist for over 20 years and currently work in both first world and emerging economies.

Do you know that the most common problem that I come across is that very few people actually understand how to develop, implement and then measure the results of a marketing plan that is both targeted and effective.

Yet there is absolutely no reason why, with some guidance, you should not be able to create a marketing plan that will work for you – regardless of the constraints that you are faced with (even with the current worldwide economic problems that we are all experiencing). And that is true regardless if you are marketing a product, a service, an idea or an organization.

My work has taken me all over the world and I can tell you that in all my years of consulting, I have not come across a single organization of any size or description that couldn’t at least double the return on their marketing investment by following the process outlined in The Marketing Manual.

The Marketing Manual is based on REAL WORLD marketing needs. It will guide you and teach you how to put together a logical and practical marketing plan for ANY business or organization.

It outlines every critical step to developing a focused, effective plan that will make marketing your business so much easier. And, it shows how you can bridge the gap between your business goals and your customers’ needs.

The Marketing…

Viral Marketing Frenzy

If you have a website, you need traffic. Regardless of what product or service you are selling, it’s been proven that the more visitors you get to come to your website, the higher your sales will be. The trick is, you have to get customers to visit!

There are millions of websites all trying to catch the customer’s eyes, but only a handful ever get more than a small stream of visitors. Some websites sit for months waiting for customers that will never show. Without customers, they eventually fade away.

To be truly profitable, you need visitors, and a lot of them. The more visitors you get, the more money you make.

There are really only two things you need to do to bring a flood of visitors to your website. You have to give them a reason to want to come to your site, and you have to make them excited enough to get the word out to as many other people as possible.

You can always buy traffic, if you have the money. There are plenty of internet marketers that would be glad to send traffic your way if the price is right. But wouldn’t it be better to get other people to spread the word about your site…For Free?

That is what viral marketing is all about. A visitor to your site sees something they like, and they tell a couple of people. Those people come to your site, and then each of them tell a couple more people, and those people…

Trade Financial Markets Like A Pro-currencies, Commodities, Indices

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“The TraderKing service is very affordable and is easy to access, understand and follow. It allows me to make trades with a high level of confidence that I am on the same page as the market pro’s. I have more than doubled my investment in just 5 months and could not be more satisfied. I recommend it to novices and experienced traders”.

“The easy access to view real market trades made by professional traders around the world is a real bonus. TraderKing has allowed me to take advantage of real-time market moves in a simple and profitable manner”.

“TraderKing represents a great value for money subscription service that is cutting-edge in its format and delivery. I feel I am not ‘in the dark’ anymore when assessing market opportunities, especially late at night when trading can be a nervous and lonely process. Having direct access to view real market trades made by TraderKing is a special privelidge. I am not a pro, but feel like I have a profitable edge by following their researched trades.

TraderKing is an Australian/Singapore based service which sits at the pinnacle of financial markets analysis. TraderKing compiles and researches the trading views and decisions made by an elite group of independant and professional…

Article Marketing Lab – High Converting Video Tutorials

How Would You Like To Use The Same Methods That Successful Internet Entrepreneurs Have Used To Attract Targeted Traffic To Their Website, Get Top Search Engine Rankings And Earn Money?

Learn The Step-By-Step On How Simple And Easy It Is To Launch A Successful Article Marketing Campaign Right Now! I

Optin Samurai

I bet you know how frustrating it is to come up with ZERO results, even after spending lots of hours building your list in sending out an email.

It can really get annoying each time you hear marketers telling you the fortune is in the list over and over again! But the disappointing results at the end of the day clearly prove them otherwise. How would your subscribers buy anything if you don’t even get them to open your emails in the first place?…

This left me wondering, am I the only person who has never found success in email marketing? Am I using the wrong strategy that’s why I couldn’t make any money?

I thought I did everything I can. I purchased several courses, which caused me a lot of money, hoping to uncover the amazing potential of email marketing everyone was talking about…

Sometimes I wonder if the people who opened my emails only did so to unsubscribe. I guess changing the subject lines and rewriting the content didn’t do anything good.

One important step along the way is learning exactly the things that DIDN’T work. This is a valuable lesson I’ve learned in my desire to attain success in online marketing. So how did I do it?

Well, at one point I thought it was do or die time. So I studied just about everything relevant to online marketing such as copywriting, conversions, persuasion, and tons of research!

Yes, I also spent countless hours reading stuff, testing various techniques, until finally the day came…

Forex Market Cash – Generate Income With Forex Trading

I am excited to tell you about an exciting money making opportunity that is not available just too large banks and investment houses anymore. It is now available five days a week, 24 hours a day to you and I. Almost four trillion dollars is invested annually by those in the know through “currency exchange” or FOREX Trading.

This very lucrative investment opportunity has long been thought a stronghold of the rich and the famous, but now we are in the computer age and by using the Internet this investment opportunity is now available to any one. No longer are financial requirements and minimum investments prohibitive to you and I!

The possibilities of profit can be a dream come true for those with Basic Computer and Internet Skills.

Profit and accessibility of trading in “currency exchange” or FOREX Trading is what makes this investment strategy great. The “currency exchange” market can affect the balance of this worlds nation’s currency values and provide you with a good margin of profit with little expense, or “nerve” of speculation. FOREX is a “Bull Market” as none other is. The fact it is a 24/5 “market” makes this a lucrative, and undoubtedly the most liquid of all financial markets.

The potential of great profit has motivated me to create a guide any one can use. By using my guide to FOREX Trading, “Forex Market Cash” you too can bank big profits and have financial success! Is there any way anyone can have too much fun or too much…

Give To Get Marketing Solution

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Dear friend, Is your business giving you the financial security and prosperity you want and deserve? Are you happy each month with the amount of income your business is generating for you? Are you making enough money from your business to build the kind of financially rewarding and satisfying life you’ve always dreamed of? If your business isn’t performing these things for you, it should be — and more importantly, it can be. Your business should be creating a better life for you Owning your own business is not about creating a low- paying, dead-end job for yourself. It’s about creating a better life — a more prosperous and rewarding life. That’s what your business should be doing for you. Then why do you often feel like you’re struggling each month? Why isn’t your business generating the level of income that you know you deserve? The answer is simple — it’s because you don’t know how to market your business effectively. And that simple fact is killing any chance of you making a decent living for you and your family….